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The main purpose of conferring the award is to honor individuals for their contribution and selfless services towards peacebuilding among people and relationships between various communities in the state.


The award seeks to encourage and set an example in acknowledging people for believing in the possibilities that peace is possible and in tested times, people have proven that, for peace to prevail, one must live it as a lifestyle. This Peace award is being conferred to individuals who have made exceptional contributions in peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and related issues in Nagaland.


The award ceremony is held on 21st September every year during the International Day of Peace –cum- Peace Channel Foundation Day and has been doing so since 2008.


Former Peace Awardees:


Smt. Christina Thone
 St. Mary Konyak
Dr. Wati Aier
Rev. Mongzueng Mpom
 Shri. Taku Longkumer
 Rev. Kari Longchar
Shri. L.Vitokhe Assumi
Shri. Ahidur Rahman
Mr. Visasier Kevichusa
Smt. Seno Tsuhah
Mr. L.P. Therie
Smt. Ahimsa Zhimo
Smt. Hukheli T. Wotsa
Shri. Akum Longchari
Smt. Neidonuo Angami
Shri. Niketu Iralu
Prof. Lanunungsang Ao
Shri. K Khekiye Sema
Mr. Yanbemo Lotha

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