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What is Peace Channel?

Peace Channel is an emerging secular youth peace movement of the third millennium aiming at the transformation of individuals to be peace lovers, peace makers and peace promoters. It focuses on transforming the culture of violence to culture of peace, irrespective of tribe, caste, class, region, or religion.


Today the movement has its transformative presence in the districts of Nagaland and a few states in the region. It strives to build peace by following certain core values and principles in the minds of children, through the formation of Peace Clubs in educational Institutions. This is done among the youths through formation of Peer Mediation Team in the colleges, communities and in adults through the formation of Peace Team in the society to prevent, intervene and promote peace.

The movement has carried over 4000 peace programmes, trained over 2850 teachers, youth, women, religious and community leaders and over 150000 children. This training has been done on peace building and conflict resolution skills in the rural and urban settings.


Origins of Peace Channel

Every movement has its beginning through an inspirational experience; the encounter which gave rise to the idea of launching this innovative youth peace movement in the year, 1997.

The incident happened during the Regency Period of the then, Bro. C.P. Anto at Kiphire in Nagaland, one of the northeastern states of India. On that fateful evening, Rev. Fr. James, the Principal of Loyola School, Fr. Thomas, the vice principal and the young brother faced six young armed miscreants on the school campus.


Everyone was mercilessly huddled all of them into the principal’s room by the intruders and instantly were demanded to pay a sum of money or else to face the bullet. The priests, as good teachers and guides tried to reason their case. Nevertheless, the captain gave the shoot-out order. As the gun was pointed towards the principal, the young brother soared in and pleaded for time to consult with the superiors. Finally, the miscreants relented and left the place.

Image by Max Kleinen

The young courageous brother obviated the death of the priests. Later, the news was flashed that the some of the young miscreants were done to death and others were punished. This spell bounding incident ignited a deep reflection on the young brother. He started searching for a solution to this crisis earnestly and relentlessly.


This quest became more pronounced after his ordination as he prepared himself to take up his responsibilities through higher studies. His deep reflection and conviction resulted in the need to initiate a movement.

Obectives of Peace Channel

To bring people together especially the youth, under the banner of ‘Peace Channel’ to work individually and collectively to promote peace and harmony in their environment and strive towards universal peace, justice, equality and brotherhood.

To prepare the youth to address the issues related to conflicts arising in a multi-cultural, tribal and religious context.

To explore strategies of building peace and development by working with like-minded organizations and institutions on socio-economic, cultural, educational, environmental and other inclusive issues.

To bring out and develop the potentials within individuals to form them as responsible, transparent, honest and diligent leaders.

To empower people to live in perfect harmony with self, God, Community and Nature.

To promote dialogue, mediation and facilitation with conflicting parties to promote sustainable peace and development activities.

To facilitate collaboration and network with all peace building agents to gather and disseminate resources towards universal peace education and peace promotion activities.

Our Philosophy

Peace Channel believes in one Supreme Being; God, and in the brotherhood of humanity as the children of the same God. We accept and respect all individuals irrespective of caste, color and creed etc., when peace fills one person she/he creates an environment of peace around resulting in further promoting channels of peace.    

Join Us. Be a Part in Empowering Peace Movement.

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