Peace Club is one of the fundamental activities of Peace Channel, it is a group of children who form an organized group in the educational institutions or communities to capacitate and empower them as peace builders and problem settlers in their personal life, family life, and educational institutions and communities among the peers. 
They are capacitated on various peace-building skills like pro-active, problem-solving skills, fundamentals of peace building, life skills, etc.


  • Trained and capacitated 1,50,000  students, teachers and religious leaders.

  • Provided students with ample avenues consecutively to enhance and develop them to be critical thinkers, develop confidence and leadership qualities.

  • We are working with 150 schools in Nagaland.

Future Plans

To maintain the club in the educational institutions and communities we spent Rs.1000 ($14) per meeting one club in a month for peace programs i.e. Peace Celebration and Capacity building programs. In a year we spent Rs.5000-7000 per annum in a school.

We would also like to cover 500 educational Institutions in the region by 2030, so please contribute to make the region a place of peace.

Please join this peace initiative by supporting us in making this conflict-ridden region of India, a child-friendly environment and a place of peace for the next generation of peace builders.


Peer Mediation Forum is one of the major activities of Peace Channel which mainly focuses on Colleges and Universities in the region. Peer Mediation Forum is a group of trained individuals who volunteers to help individuals with problems through a communication process in which the individuals or group with a problem work together, assisted by a neutral third party, to solve the problem. It improves self-esteem, listening and critical thinking skills, and school climate for learning, as well as reduced disciplinary actions, 


  • Peace Channel has trained youth in the Colleges/Universities by forming Peer Mediation Forum and training them monthly on peace education which has helped individuals in resolving conflicts in different level and trained them with essential life skills, enhanced healthy communication between individuals and has reduced violent conflict in the Institution. 

  • To resolve their conflicts collaboratively. It has helped increase their self-esteem and has provided opportunities to resolve conflicts from both ends, It has proven effective in schools and Colleges by changing the way students understand and resolve conflict in their lives, prevent conflict and make institution a safe and peaceful place for learning.

Future Plans

Peer Mediation is a new concept that has been implemented in the Colleges/Universities with main focus on the youth. This Peer Mediation Forum has been an effective measure and has a positive impact on the youth in solving issues in different level.
Annually we spend around Rs.5000 per colleges/University for the maintenance of peer mediation forum. Peace Channel aims to reach out to number of colleges/University by 2030.

To support this peace initiative with the youth, kindly partner with us in sharing a joint commitment to help us improve and enhance our peer mediation forums in the Colleges/Universities.

Please join this peace initiative by supporting us in making this conflict-ridden region of India, a child-friendly environment and a place of peace for the next generation of peace builders.

(Inter-Religious & Ecumenical support)

Peace Forum is one of the activities of Peace Channel; it is a group of adults from different professionals and interdenominational communities. It is one of the fundamental functional bodies of the movement that bring adults together irrespective of tribe, religion, and region. It is formed in the communities, localities & Churches to capacitate and empower them as peacebuilders to intervene and prevent conflict and resolve issues in the group, family, and community.


  • Peace Channel have formed Peace Forum in different localities and communities in Nagaland. We have trained them for intervening and preventing conflicts through dialogue, active advocacy, awareness and mobilization programmes.

  • We have brought together local leaders, religious leaders, bureaucrats and professionals to educate them on the need for peace and conflict transformation to ensure peace, justice and harmony.

Future Plans

To sustain peace promotional programs by enhancing the participation of the religious leaders, institutions, communities armed forces and government officials to get involved in the process of peacebuilding in our conflict regions and help individuals, families, communities and societies to live in peace and harmony by training and empowering religious leaders, women and youth leaders to be peace builders and actively involve them in peacebuilding process.

To maintain the forum in the communities we spent Rs.1000 ($14) per meeting in a month for capacity building training cost, in a year we spent Rs.5000-7000 per annum. As of now we are working with 30 Peace Forums and we are aiming to reach out to different communities of Nagaland and form 500 Peace Forum by 2030. So kindly support this initiative and contribute to make the region and the community a place of peace and harmony.


Peace Centre is an institute focusing on the upbringing of future leaders to deal with the concerns of protracted political conflicts in the NE region, as a centre of education, research, and engagement for peace-building. The centre is a platform to build and transform the youth to become the flag bearer for peace, social change, and development.
Peace centre is a state-of-the-art complex, as a base for both higher and local-level conflict intervention, research, and training.

The centre includes: 

  1. Peace museum.

  2. Peace library.

  3. National and International exchange programmes.

  4. Masters graduate and diploma courses in peace studies.

Would you like to contribute and be our patrons in the construction of the Peace Centre? We would ensure that every donor will be honored as our patron in the Peace Centre for their generous contribution.

The total amount expected for the construction of the Peace Centre 1, 099, 733, 00. (Rupees Ten Crores Ninety Lakhs Seventy Three Thousand Three Hundred Only).


Teachers Training is one of the major activities of Peace Channel where the Teachers are being trained on “Peace Education” through capacity building programs and peace building training programs Training of Teachers/ Educators mainly focuses on how to understand the importance of peacebuilding in Multi-cultural, religious and tribal society of North East India, to understand the concepts of Peace, Peace building and Conflicts and to enhance the role of educators in Peace Building. 

Annually it cost Rs.5000 for the maintenance and Training of the Teachers for Peace Education.




Thank you for helping us make a difference!